Middle East MSA Group is a group of companies with a primarily view to develop and invest in the exchange of interests between the countries of MEA region, therefore facilitate the activation of economic diversification, between Egypt on one side and the African, Arab countries. on the other side through smart partnerships between the public sector and the private sector in all key business sectors.

Solid Position

Our Group aims to play a vital role in the country’s development, and it echoes the importance of international business affairs. As a result of its strategic relationship with Governmental entities and competent authorities, which is manifested by the continuous and recurring national projects with distinguished clients, the Group enjoys a solid position in the industries which it operates in.


The Group has adopted a new direction to diversify its portfolio from a solely Security and Governmental Services-based firm to an Investment Group operating in sectors where it sees opportunities for high growth, transformation and community impact.


The Group continues to grow and develop new markets for its investments, the Group is determined to build on its powerful performance to date. During the coming years, the Group will continue to grow on a solid foundation of sustainability, capacity building, national excellence and leadership.